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It is hard to find a home in Summerlin! This area is continuously developing, which brings many new housing opportunities. But with these houses, comes people. Summerlin is a very attractive neighborhood in Las Vegas. Everyone wants to live here! With that said, there are a wide variety of housing options offered within the Summerlin communities. You can easily enjoy the best of both worlds when living here. The landscape is breath taking, and there are plenty of amenities to keep an active lifestyle. Learn more about Summerlin and the smaller neighborhoods below.
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Where is Summerlin, located in Las Vegas?

Summerlin lies in the Las Vegas Valley, which is close to Spring mountain and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It’s in both Las Vegas, Nevada city limits, as well as the unincorporated Clark County. This is one of the most desireable locations found in the greater Las Vegas area.

Summerlin is made up of several different communities. Currently, there are 19 out of 31 neighborhoods finished or under construction. Summerlin is split up into three different sections: Summerlin North, Summerlin South and Summerlin West. North of Charleston Boulevard is within the city limits of Las Vegas. South of Charleston Boulevard is considered unincorporated Clark County. In total, it is made up of 22,500 acres, and 9,000 of those acres still remain undeveloped.

There are multiple subdivisions within the communities. Amenities vary from one neighborhood to the next. Sun City Summerlin and Siena are the only two neighborhoods current age-restricted communities found within the area. Overall, the many subdivisions and villages throughout Summerlin offer many parks and plenty of outdoor amenities.

Subdivisions in North Summerlin:

  • The Arbors
  • The Canyons
  • The Crossing
  • The Hills
  • The Hills South
  • The Pueblo
  • The Trails
  • Sun City Summerlin

Subdivisions in South Summerlin:

  • Summerlin Centre
  • The Gardens
  • The Mesa
  • Ridgebrook
  • The Ridges
  • The Willows
  • Red Rock Country Club
  • Siena

Subdivisions in West Summerlin:

  • The Paseos
  • The Vistas

What types of homes are in Summerlin?

At Sunny Realty, we always want you to be informed, so here’s some info on the different types of homes in Summerlin. There are a variety of ways the land can be used here, including residential, commercial, recreational, educational, medical, open area and cultural. This brings so many options for those who currently reside in Summerlin, and those who are looking to live there.

Housing varies from new single family homes to apartments and many of other options found in between. All different age groups are accommodated throughout the area. Whether it’s a family with young children or a retired couple, there’s a housing option to fit just about any need. Singles, young married couples, new families, large families, retirees and many other types of residents are found throughout the area.

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Who lives here?

Summerlin has become increasingly popular because it is continually being developed. In 2010, a census reported 100,000 individuals living within the community. The population has nearly doubled since the 2000 census and continues to grow. As more subdivisions are developed, this growth will continue. This makes it a perfect time to investment in a new home! After all, real estate is such a large part of your financial success, that you’ll want to make sure you buy a home in a booming area, with lots of growth opportunity.

Many different types of people come to live in Southern Nevada, as it is truly a place that offers something for everyone. For those who enjoy the outdoor life, there are plenty of rock climbing areas, hiking trails, parks, bike paths, golf courses and much more. If you enjoy a faster pace life, there are plenty of shops, entertainment amenities and dining options.

Summerlin is the ideal place to get both housing options and plenty of amenities. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for employment with the ongoing development occurring, especially in the downtown area.


How much does it cost to buy a house here?

The average income here is nearly $130,000 per year. The community is known as one of the wealthiest in all of Nevada and provides homes ranging from the low $300s to around $2 million. The size, location and style of home makes a difference in the price range.

There are a variety of housing options that will suit all different lifestyles, which makes it an ideal area to settle down near Las Vegas, Nevada. The outstanding view of the famous Las Vegas Strip, open land and vast array of amenities make it a choice place to live. Development is always occurring, which presents more opportunities for housing, entertainment, dining and more. This will cause more individuals to seek residency here.

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There are tons of amenities and each neighborhood offers something different to the local way of life.


There are many areas that prove to be fantastic spots to ride your bicycle including lanes on most major roads in Summerlin designated for bikes. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a favorite place for individuals to ride their bikes. It provides the gateway to the community’s vast trail system, which provides plenty of terrain for mountain biking.


The neighborhoods in Summerlin provide almost 150 parks for residence to enjoy. Amenities vary, but you will find soccer fields, baseball fields, football fields, basketball courts, swimming pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, community centers, sand volleyball courts, horseshoes, bocce ball, shuffleboard courts, interactive water spray features and more.

These parks are owned, operated and cared for by The Summerlin Council.

  • Arbors Paseo Park
  • The Arbors Sports Park
  • The Arbors Tennis & Play Park
  • Cottonwood Canyon Park
  • The Crossing Park
  • The Gardens Park and Community Center
  • Gardens Monument
  • The Hills Park
  • The Mesa Park
  • North Tower Park
  • Oxford ParkThe Paseos Park
  • The Pueblo Park
  • Ridgebrook Park
  • South Tower Park
  • Spotted Leaf Park
  • Summerlin Centre Community Park
  • The Trails Linear Park
  • The Trails Park and Community Center
  • Tree Top Park
  • Village Green Park
  • The Vistas Community Park
  • The Willows Park and Community Center
  • Willows Paseo Park

These are just a few of the many parks found throughout the Summerlin area. Just about every community has more than one park found nearby.


There are swimming pools offered at The Trails, The Willows and Pavilion Center. These pools provide plenty of ways to cool off during the hotter months of the year.


There are more than 150 trials that join communities to a variety of amenities that are spread throughout the area

. Altogether, the trail system totals 200 miles. These trails also connect to an additional 2,000 miles of trials that are spread throughout the region. This trail system is known to be one of the most wide-ranged and well-organized trail systems in the Southwest.

There are five basic types of trials in the Summerlin Trail System: street-side, village, bike, regional and natural.

Whether you’re moving for a new job opportunity or you’re looking for a great place to settle near Las Vegas, finding a home for sale in the Summerlin area may be the answer for you. Plenty fo new construction is happening currently and many homes are available throughout the area.

Summerlin, NV Real Estate:

What do you envision when you think of home? Comfortable amenities or scenery galore? There are many areas offering the best of both worlds. These areas tend to be heavily sought after, because it’s nice to unwind after a busy day, and return to the beauty of the land.

It is also nice to have everything readily accessible when you want to have a night out on the town. Having to drive just to find entertainment can be daunting, and really cause you to miss out on a lot of fun activities. That’s why it is important to consider these things when deciding on a place to call home.

If in the Nevada area, you may consider Summerlin, as it offers many different lifestyles for residents. In the 2010 census, Summerline reportedly had 100,000 residents, which was up from the 2000 census when the population was 59,000. This not only shows growth, but also the allure of the area.


Where is Summerlin?

Summerlin was developed by The Howard Hughes Corporation, and totals 22,500 acres. This community rest at the foothills and ridges of the Las Vegas western rim. The location of It

is close to the well known Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

This community became increasingly populated because it offers open land, a stunning view of the famous Las Vegas Strip, as well as offering many housing options for residents to choose from. Summerlin is within the Las Vegas, Nevada city limits, and is part of Clark County. This community was named after the master developer’s, Howard Hughes, grandmother Jean Amerlia Summerlin.

Being a desert community, Summerlin is almost always sunny. This esteemed community provides more than 2000 climbing routes, which has landed Red Rock Canyon as one of the top five climbing areas in the Nation. Hikers of all skill levels can enjoy the easy trails or more advanced trails that reach 1,000 feet in elevation. There is a 13-mile paved loop which is heavily utilized by bicyclists and runners. Thousands of people adventure to Red Rock every year, but residence have the advantage of it being in their backyard.

What is Summerlin?

The Howard Hughes Corporation took the opportunity, and designed a well thought out community. It is often referred to as the perfect community because it has a balanced blend of everything an individual is seeking. The community was developed in 1990, and as time has passed, this community continues to increase in population.

Summerlin offers many amenities including:

  • 150 parks
  • 12 public schools
  • 10 private schools
  • 14 different places of worship
  • Nine golf courses
  • Three resort hotels
  • Recreational centers
  • Many stores
  • Entertainment options
  • Dining options
  • Office parks
  • Outstanding medical facilities

The community is joined by an array of 150 miles of trails, which are known nationwide. Summerlin promotes a healthy lifestyle with all the outdoor possibilities provided, such as rock climbing and hiking. However, with all the amenities available, you don’t have to be an outdoorsy person to enjoy this community.

In addition, the first Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course is located here. The Bear’s Best Golf Course is nationally known, and is the only Tournament Players Club course in Nevada. The course offers plenty of challenge and a great choice for both residents and visitors.

Residents have the opportunity to send their children to 5-star ranking schools, as over half of Summerlin’s public schools received this ranking. There are choices of higher education, as well, in this esteemed community. This means residents of all ages can be accommodated when it comes to their educational needs. These educational facilities are known to have outstanding academics, athletic victories and cultural accomplishments.

With the option of 150 neighborhood parks, there is room for lots of outdoor adventures. Some of these parks offer league play soccer fields, baseball and T-ball fields, football fields, basketball courts, playgrounds, tennis courts, community centers, sand volleyball courts, horseshoes, bocce ball, shuffleboard courts, a tricycle course, interactive water spray features, motorized toy areas, BBQ areas and swimming pools.

Summerlin’s community centers have an array of interactive options, as well as an impressive number of events. The events include special and seasonal events, classes, camps and athletic programs for the residents of Summerlin.

Who lives in Summerlin?

Summerlin offers a vast array of land that can be utilized in different ways, including residential, commercial, recreational, educational, medical, open areas and cultural. With this, there are many different types of people who seek residency in Summerlin.

There are many home options as well, such as:

  • Single family homes
  • New homes
  • New construction
  • Model homes
  • Urban-inspired lofts
  • Townhouses
  • Apartments
  • Mid-rise luxury condominiums

All of these options are nestled in this diverse community. One thing is for sure, Summerlin is a community for all ages. It doesn’t matter if you are young or just young at heart, there is such a variety of amenities offered in this outstanding community.

How much does it cost to live in Summerlin?

Those who reside in Summerlin have an average income of $128,000. Summerlin is one of Nevadas wealthiest communities. Homes listed on the current real estate market range from $325,000 to $2,000,000. There are a variety of employment options, making it an all around terrific place to live. Really, Summerlin is the perfect area for all treks of life, as it has a little bit of everything.

Contact Sunny Realty to learn more about the costs associated with living in this great area!

History of Summerlin

Howard Robert Hughes Jr. bought an amazing 25,000 acres in the mid 1950s. The location of the land was in Southern part of Nevada. Hughes died in 1976, and Summa Corporation was left with all of Hughes businesses and land, which included the land now known as Summerlin.

Summa Coporation took 5,000 acres, which included Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, and traded for 3,000 acres of land located on the south side of Summerlin. This exchange took place with the Nature Conservancy. This allowed a buffer zone to be set which protects the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area from being further expanded. This exchange was made in 1988.

The building of Summerlin began in 1990. However, Summa Corporation started the planning phase in the late 1980s. An additional 1,000 acres of land was traded in 2002 with the Bureau of Land Management. This plot of land was bordering the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. In return, the Summa Coporation received 900 acres of land that would help develop Summerlin.


Summerlin Neighborhoods

Within the area are many communities, and future developments continue to happen. At this time, 19 out of 31 neighborhoods are complete or under construction. There are three major sections: Summerlin North, Summerlin South and Summerlin West.

Summerlin has both incorporated and unincorporated areas. The land north of Charleston Boulevard lies in the city of Las Vegas. The area just south of Charleston Boulevard is in unincorporated Clark County. Altogether, there are approximately 9,000 acres of land that have not yet been developed.

Within these communities there are multiple subdivisions available for residency, which also offer homeowners’ associations. Each neighborhood offers their own set of amenities. Two of the communities are age-restricted: Sun City Summerlin and Siena. Both of these communities offer their own association aside from the master association that is available.

In Summerlin North you will find the following villages/neighborhoods:

  • The Arbors
  • The Canyons
  • The Crossing
  • The Hills
  • The Hills South
  • The Pueblo
  • The Trails
  • Sun City Summerlin

In Summerlin South you will find the following villages/neighborhoods:

  • Summerlin Centre
  • The Gardens
  • The Mesa
  • Ridgebrook
  • The Ridges
  • The Willows
  • Red Rock Country Club
  • Siena

In Summerlin West you will find the following villages/neighborhoods:

  • The Paseos
  • The Vistas

Downtown Summerlin

At this time, the construction of the premier Urban Center is underway. This development will provide over 125 different shops and restaurants in the Las Vegas Valley. The Center will be designed with an open-air environment. Making it a unique shopping experience for all.

This development has started the formation of what will be known as Downtown Summerlin. Once the project is complete it will offer fashion, entertainment, office and multi-family residences. Downtown Summerlin is being created to provide an energetic area for the 22,500 acre community, which has been carefully thought out and developed.

On Main Street, there will be lots of shade available, as well as skillfully crafted desert landscaping. Outdoor dining will also be available, which will cater to the Summerlin lifestyle. The Downtown area is only 15 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip and the airport. The completion of the Downtown area will bring with it 22,000 jobs, which serves as an important part of Summerlin.

Some of the shops that will be available in the Urban Center, include:

  • American Eagle
  • Art of Shaving
  • young
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Bonita Eyebrow Threading
  • Boot Barn
  • Boston Proper
  • Brighton Collectibles
  • Buckle
  • Off Broadway Shoes
  • Old Navy

Some of the eateries that will be available in the Urban Center, include:

The Downtown area will bring lot’s of opportunities to Summerlin. Development is always occurring, and that means there is always something new coming to the Summerlin area.

Why You Should Work with one of our Summerlin Realtors

1. Our Nevada Realtors get you organized

Buying or selling a house is hard work. Realtors help you along the way with many of the steps, including proper preparation along with paperwork. They usually know a trusted mortgage lender as well, which can calm many hesitant buyers. Closing on a house can be especially troublesome. That’s where a good Realtor comes in handy, making sure you avoid all kinds of pitfalls that can derail everything.

2. They know more about what’s available

That house you just fell in love with on Zillow? Chances are good that it already sold. Summerlin, Nevada Realtors have the ability to know when a sale is already pending. Additionally, your Realtor can connect with another Realtor who is the seller’s agent, giving you an inside scoop on the house you’ve been eye-balling. Additionally, there may be houses for sale that only a licensed Realtors can see, or property that will be going on the market soon.

3. They have up-to-date education in their field

In order to practice real estate, Realtors must take an intensive class, pass it, and then must pass a challenging state test to receive their licenses. Additionally, Realtors take continuing education classes, ensuring they are current in their field. You may think you know it all, but there are plenty of laws and regulations your real estate agent comprehends which keeps you from breaking them!

4. They look beyond bedrooms and bathrooms

When you’re touring a house, you probably check out the square footage, kitchen counters, and the pretty wood floors. A Realtor has a keen on for things you might overlook, such as how old a furnace is or if there is water damage. They have developed a relationship with you and care about your best interests when choosing a home. In fact, a real estate agent is legally obligated to disclose anything they know about the home and under a Code of Ethics in order to do what is best for you.

5. Show me the money

A good real estate agent has tons of experience in his or her field. They can easily price a house by simply doing some research. They will be able to tell you if a house is over or underpriced, making it much easier on you to make an offer. They also can use this to eliminate wasting your time by getting rid of houses that don’t fall into your budget after doing price comps, making a day of showings much more productive.

Even when you do find the house of your dreams, you still don’t want to spend more than you must to get those keys in your hand. Negotiations are best left to your agent, who knows how to do them effectively and delicately, as they can be quite tricky.

6. They help you buy or sell in a timely manner

Realtors understand the entire process of either buying or selling a house in Summerlin, NV. They will help you maneuver through each step, keeping things running smoothly. Whether its loads of paperwork, setting up showings, or working through negotiations, we will be the mediator who is on your team and on your timeline.

When Should You Hire A Summerlin Real Estate Agent?

#1: When Buying A Property

Buyers may do a preliminary search on their own before they shop in earnest for a home or commercial space, but realtors have access to the most complete listings in your area. You are seeing a small portion of the available listings in your area, but your realtor will show you everything for sale.

Your agent has access to the properties you want to see, and has a network of friends who help with access. You are not privy to the information a professional has, and it is illegal for you to access a property when shopping privately. You must have an agent with you to ensure that each home or property viewing is done properly.

#2: Selling A Property in Las Vegas

You may attempt to sell your property on your own, but we recommend having a competent agent work with you on a MLS listing. Realtors have access to listings that will show your property to every other agent in the area. Our office has experienced professionals who understand how to write up a listing, and they will assist you with pictures and video that may be used in the listing.

#3: Completing A Contract

Realtors alone are trained in completing real estate contracts. The contract for your purchase or sale of a home must be written up by your agent alone. Your agent understands how to tip the odds in your favor, and you should ask for certain provisions in your contract that help you get into the home smoothly. You cannot read or complete a contract on your own, and you are not trained in the laws that govern real estate transactions in your state. Sunny Realty understands how to complete a contract both parties will be pleased with.

#4: Supervising The Closing

A realtor is needed from the beginning to the end of each transaction. Your agent will attend your closing, and the realtor will ensure that each document is written properly. Any hiccups in the sale will be caught by your realtor, and you may suspend the closing process until the documentation is corrected. Your Realtor is involved in the process to protect your rights, and no one is more informed about your rights.

#5: Consulting Services

Sunny Realty may be hired to consult on the sale or listing of a certain property. You may have no intention of selling your property today, but you must know what the sale process will look like. Consult with a realtor who understands your situation completely. Your realtor can share information with you that will help you understand the process, and you may move forward in your own time.

Our Summerlin realty group, Sunny Realty, is a safety net you must use to ensure proper procedure for every sale and purchase. You should not go to a home viewing without a professional agent, especially one from Zillow that you don’t know anything about. Sunny Realty has Realtors that are here to help you save money, find the perfect property and settle in happily in your new Summerlin home.


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