It is hard to find a home in Summerlin! This area is continuously developing, which brings many new housing opportunities. But with these houses, comes people. Summerlin is a very attractive neighborhood in Las Vegas. Everyone wants to live here! With that said, there are a wide variety of housing options offered within the Summerlin communities. You can easily enjoy the best of both worlds when living here. The landscape is breath taking, and there are plenty of amenities to keep an active lifestyle. Learn more about Summerlin and the smaller neighborhoods below.

Where is Summerlin, located in Las Vegas?

Summerlin lies in the Las Vegas Valley, which is close to Spring mountain and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It’s in both Las Vegas, Nevada city limits, as well as the unincorporated Clark County. This is one of the most desireable locations found in the greater Las Vegas area.

Summerlin is made up of several different communities. Currently, there are 19 out of 31 neighborhoods finished or under construction. Summerlin is split up into three different sections: Summerlin North, Summerlin South and Summerlin West. North of Charleston Boulevard is within the city limits of Las Vegas. South of Charleston Boulevard is considered unincorporated Clark County. In total, it is made up of 22,500 acres, and 9,000 of those acres still remain undeveloped.

There are multiple subdivisions within the communities. Amenities vary from one neighborhood to the next. Sun City Summerlin and Siena are the only two neighborhoods current age-restricted communities found within the area. Overall, the many subdivisions and villages throughout Summerlin offer many parks and plenty of outdoor amenities.

North Summerlin
South Summerlin
West Summerlin

What types of homes are in Summerlin?

At Sunny Realty, we always want you to be informed, so here’s some info on the different types of homes in Summerlin. There are a variety of ways the land can be used here, including residential, commercial, recreational, educational, medical, open area and cultural. This brings so many options for those who currently reside in Summerlin, and those who are looking to live there.

Who lives Here?

Summerlin has become increasingly popular because it is continually being developed. In 2010, a census reported 100,000 individuals living within the community. The population has nearly doubled since the 2000 census and continues to grow. As more subdivisions are developed, this growth will continue. This makes it a perfect time to investment in a new home! After all, real estate is such a large part of your financial success, that you’ll want to make sure you buy a home in a booming area, with lots of growth opportunity.

OUR Amenities

There are tons of amenities and each neighborhood offers something different to the local way of life.


There are many areas that prove to be fantastic spots to ride your bicycle including lanes on most major roads in Summerlin designated for bikes.


The neighborhoods in Summerlin provide almost 150 parks for residence to enjoy.


There are more than 150 trials that join communities to a variety of amenities that are spread throughout the area

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There are a variety of employment options, making it an all around terrific place to live. Really, Summerlin is the perfect area for all treks of life, as it has a little bit of everything.


What do you envision when you think of home? Comfortable amenities or scenery galore? There are many areas offering the best of both worlds. These areas tend to be heavily sought after, because it’s nice to unwind after a busy day, and return to the beauty of the land.

Where is Summerlin?

Summerlin was developed by The Howard Hughes Corporation, and totals 22,500 acres. This community rest at the foothills and ridges of the Las Vegas western rim. The location of It is close to the well known Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. READ MORE

What is Summerlin?

The Howard Hughes Corporation took the opportunity, and designed a well thought out community. It is often referred to as the perfect community because it has a balanced blend of everything an individual is seeking. The community was developed in 1990, and as time has passed, this community continues to increase in population. READ MORE

Who lives in Summerlin?

Summerlin offers a vast array of land that can be utilized in different ways, including residential, commercial, recreational, educational, medical, open areas and cultural. With this, there are many different types of people who seek residency in Summerlin. READ MORE

How much does it cost to live in Summerlin?

Those who reside in Summerlin have an average income of $128,000. Summerlin is one of Nevadas wealthiest communities. Homes listed on the current real estate market range from $325,000 to $2,000,000. There are a variety of employment options, making it an all around terrific place to live. READ MORE

History of Summerlin

Howard Robert Hughes Jr. bought an amazing 25,000 acres in the mid 1950s. The location of the land was in Southern part of Nevada. Hughes died in 1976, and Summa Corporation was left with all of Hughes businesses and land, which included the land now known as Summerlin. READ MORE

Summerlin Neighborhoods

Within the area are many communities, and future developments continue to happen. At this time, 19 out of 31 neighborhoods are complete or under construction. There are three major sections: Summerlin North, Summerlin South and Summerlin West. READ MORE